About us

We reach for the sun and aim to bring its warmth and its light to as many people as possible. Through our solar panels, families and businesses will become empowered to reach for their goals. This is how we at Aion Solar contribute to our home country. This is what we promise our fellow men and women, and we make good on that promise.

Who We Are

A Beacon in the Darkness

By providing reliable and efficient energy, we make the world a better place for everyone. We do that by promising and delivering on the following points:

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Our Mission

Treasure Our Planet

By going solar, we show how much we care about Mother Earth

Provide Solar Power

By going solar, we prove that renewable energy can be relied upon.

Reach More People

By going solar, we bring light to American homes and businesses.

Our Projects

Beacons Lit

We want as many people as possible to shine as bright as the sun, smiling and living their best lives. As an example of that, here are some of our happy clients, enjoying guilt-free solar energy.

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