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With the best solar company in Tampa, Florida on your team, sustainability is no longer a far-off dream. Visit us at Aion Solar and together, we’ll make that dream a reality!

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    We are the company Aion.Solar, which is engaged in providing power to homes through solar panels. Thanks to our activities, thousands of private homes and companies have been able to achieve their goals. Thus, we care about the development of the economy of our country. We have several advantages that distinguish us among competitors:
    • Polite staff who are always happy to go to the meeting;
    • The best products that will improve your home or business;
    • Maintaining high-quality standards at all stages of service delivery.

    We believe that together with our customers we achieve our goals every day:

      1. Concern for the environment.
      2. Provision of alternative energy – solar energy.
      3. Providing resources to thousands of homes and businesses.
    You can visit our office in Tampa, Florida, and see for yourself the quality and functionality of our services.

    Reasons to Have Solar
    Panels in Tampa

    Sunny Florida

    There are some reasons why the use of solar panels in Tampa can be considered beneficial and rational.

    Abundance of sunlight

    For solar panels to function well, you need sunlight. Tampa belongs to the state of Florida, which is characterized by sunny weather, so the installation of solar panels will be a good solution for the use of alternative energy. So we can conclude that Tampa has a lot of solar potentials that you can safely use.

    Rapid development

    The state of Florida is considered sufficiently developed to convert solar energy. Most locals prefer alternative energy. Since they can independently control the energy potential of their home. They are independent of utilities, which can be considered a significant advantage.

    No taxation

    If you use solar panels, you don’t have to pay 6% of sales taxes. This means that when you buy solar panels, you can save money. Thus, local authorities support the development of the company.

    Business opportunity

    If you become a happy owner of solar panels, you will have the opportunity to sell solar energy to the company, provided there is excess. This way you can profitably cover your bills.

    Electricity bill growth

    The state of Florida has high monthly electricity consumption, so many people have to pay quite large bills. Solar panels are a good solution in this case.

    State Incentives

    As a solar company in Tampa, we at Aion Solar comply with both the federal and the state government’s rules and regulations regarding solar energy. Here are just some examples of them:

    The Residential Clean Energy Credit

    acts as a coupon for up to 30% off your home solar installation

    The Net Metering Program

    lets you earn from excess power your solar installation produces

    Property Tax Exemption

    increases your home’s value but exempts you from paying additional property taxes because of your solar installation

    Our Vision

    Solar power is becoming the way of the future. Solar companies in Tampa know just how important this is, going forward: lighting up stormy nights, slashing bills, and building a better future for families and businesses. Let’s all do our part in making a better world for all of us.

    Partner with the Best

    Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. We at Aion Solar promise you only the best. It’s simple really because we’re also the best solar company in Tampa.

    How are solar panels installed?

    Trust in the Process.
    Trust in Aion Solar

    Set up the scaffolding

    This ensures safety during the whole installation process while our solar experts are on the roof, working on installing your brand new solar system.

    Install the solar panel mounts

    This will support the base of the solar panels. The whole mounting structure must be tilted and have an angle between 18 to 36 degrees to have maximum sunlight exposure.

    Install the solar panels

    When the mounts are set up, the solar panels themselves have to be installed on the mounting structure. Our solar experts make sure to tighten up all the bolts and nuts so that the panels stay stable.

    Wire the solar panels

    In this step, our solar experts install wiring. In most cases, MC4 connectors are used because they are suited for all types of solar panels. Our solar experts make sure to shut off the household’s electricity supply during this process.

    Install the solar inverter

    The solar inverter will be installed next. It will be connected to the system. Typically, it is installed near the main panel. It could be both indoors and outdoors, but generally, inverters are more efficient if kept in a cooler place and with ventilation.

    Bond the solar inverter and the solar battery

    The solar inverter will be connected to the solar battery next. The solar battery storage can save you from worrying about the lack of usable energy during cloudy times. It can also lower the solar battery storage system costs during installation.

    Connect the inverter to the consumer unit

    The inverter must be connected to the consumer unit to generate electricity. A generation meter must also be connected to monitor the amount of electricity the solar panels actually produce. You can then use your computer or other device to check your solar system’s performance.

    Start and test the solar panels

    The final step is to switch the power on and test the newly installed solar panel system. After checking the system is working correctly, the solar panel installation process is finally completed.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    In Tampa, the climate is generally warm and sunny, which is favorable for solar energy production. However, the high humidity levels and occasional thunderstorms in the area can also impact the efficiency of solar panels. Humidity can cause dust and dirt to accumulate on the surface of the panels, which can decrease their efficiency over time. Thunderstorms can also cause physical damage to the panels if they are not installed properly.

    To ensure that solar panels in Tampa are operating at maximum efficiency, it is important to keep them clean and well-maintained. Regular cleaning and inspection can help to prevent dirt and debris buildup and identify any potential issues with the panels. Additionally, working with a qualified solar installer who is familiar with the climate and weather patterns in Tampa can help to ensure that the panels are installed correctly and can withstand the local weather conditions.


    Solar panels in Tampa require very little maintenance, but there are a few tasks that should be performed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.
    The most important maintenance task for solar panels is regular cleaning. The panels should be cleaned at least twice a year to remove any dirt, debris, or other contaminants that may have accumulated on the surface.
    It is also important to inspect the panels regularly for any signs of damage or wear. This can include cracks, discoloration, or other visible defects that may affect the performance of the panels.
    Finally, it is recommended that you have your solar panel system professionally serviced every few years to ensure that all components are functioning properly and to address any maintenance or repair needs that may arise.

    The typical lifespan of solar panels in Tampa can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the panels, the installation, and the maintenance of the system.
    In general, most solar panels are designed to last for 25-30 years or more. However, some panels may degrade more quickly over time, especially if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions or if they are not maintained properly.

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