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Solar panels are a winning investment that will save you money on utility bills and pay for your investment quickly, provided you live in an area that isn’t sunny. Florida is known as one of the sunniest states in the United States, and the city of Orlando has a climate more suitable than ever for going solar. In Orlando, the sun rarely hides, so residents of this city may consider switching to solar power. 

At Aion Solar, we are always ready to support you in this decision and provide the necessary materials and installation of solar panels Orlando. We are always waiting for you at the permanent location in Orlando, FL.

Reasons to Go Solar in Orlando

Florida, the Sunshine State

Orlando’s favorable warm and sunny climate makes it a great place for solar panels. While Florida is one of the cheapest states for solar installation, residents of Orlando and other hot cities spend a lot more energy using air conditioning. Solar energy is a great way to live in comfort and, at the same time, save significantly on electricity. Speaking of the pros of installing solar panels, the following can be highlighted in more detail: 

  • Low cost of solar installations 

Orlando solar power is much cheaper for its residents than other Americans. The average solar system per watt cost is $2.59, and you have enough for a 5,000-watt battery to cover the needs of an average home. 

  • Lower energy costs

Solar owners aren’t concerned about rising electric rates, much less if you live in Orlando, Florida’s sunniest city. Fluctuating rate prices can make it difficult for people to budget and predict the future. Solar company Orlando Aion Solar can help you gain confidence in your future

  • Renewable energy is greener 

You may choose to use solar panels instead of conventional electricity for material and practical reasons. But that doesn’t negate the fact that such renewable energy is environmentally friendly and eco-friendlier.

  • Independence on utility companies

Aion Solar is a solar company in Orlando that will help you learn more about how solar panels work and help you with this responsible step. Using solar power, you generate your electricity and therefore do not depend on the actions of energy companies and networks. No blackout will affect the situation in your home.

Solar installer Orlando can help you save tens of thousands of dollars on electricity throughout your life. 

State Incentives

Why install solar panels in Orlando

Orlando is a great place to use solar power. Florida’s sunny city has favorable conditions and many benefits. In addition to savings and the environment, solar roofing also offers such perks: 

  • Rising property prices 

After switching to solar power, your home’s value automatically increases by 4%. It will be several times more profitable if you decide to sell your home.

  • Government incentives 

Owners of solar systems have some privileges that the government gives them. You can even make money from it. Florida has clean-environment laws allowing you to take back excess solar energy from your panels and feed it into the grid. You’ll receive a certain amount from the utility for every watt you use.

  • Big Solar Market 

Since Florida is also called the Sunshine State, it’s no surprise that the solar panel business is booming there. This, in turn, gives you a wide range of choices that allows you to find just the right solar energy company in Florida Orlando that will suit you in every way. 

Orlando is a worthwhile place to invest in solar panels. Not only will it make your state more environmentally friendly, but it will also help you make money. 

High Energy Consumption

The average residential energy consumption in Orlando, Florida totals to $224 per month and we all know that it’s a little too much!
But with a home (or business) solar panel installation in Orlando, we can slash that bill like a ninja and make life easier for you!

Initiatives in the City of Orlando



US Average


Cooperative Solar Program

This aims to educate homeowners on the process of going solar and empower them via coming together as a community in equipping their homes with solar energy.
On this, we at Aion Solar aim to help with by offering our services as the most reliable solar installer in Orlando.

Wind vs Sun: Which is better?

While Florida does not produce any wind energy, it is a leader in solar energy. The Sunshine
State is the third-largest producer of solar energy in the US.
Compared to nuclear power, coal, natural gas, and wind, solar is the most reasonably-priced
form of energy. It is $3 less than wind energy, another renewable form of energy.

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Trust in the Process. Trust in Aion Solar

1. Set up the scaffolding

This ensures safety during the whole installation process while our solar experts are on the roof, working on installing your brand new solar system.

2. Install the solar panel mounts

This will support the base of the solar panels. The whole mounting structure must be tilted and have an angle between 18 to 36 degrees to have maximum sunlight exposure.

3. Install the solar panels

When the mounts are set up, the solar panels themselves have to be installed on the mounting structure. Our solar experts make sure to tighten up all the bolts and nuts so that the panels stay stable.

4. Wire the solar panels

In this step, our solar experts install wiring. In most cases, MC4 connectors are used because they are suited for all types of solar panels. Our solar experts make sure to shut off the household’s electricity supply during this process.

5. Install the solar inverter

The solar inverter will be installed next. It will be connected to the system. Typically, it is installed near the main panel. It could be both indoors and outdoors, but generally, inverters are more efficient if kept in a cooler place and with ventilation.

6. Bond the solar inverter and the solar battery

The solar inverter will be connected to the solar battery next. The solar battery storage can save you from worrying about the lack of usable energy during cloudy times. It can also lower the solar battery storage system costs during installation.

7. Connect the inverter to the consumer unit

The inverter must be connected to the consumer unit to generate electricity. A generation meter must also be connected to monitor the amount of electricity the solar panels actually produce. You can then use your computer or other device to check your solar system’s performance.

8. Start and test the solar panels

The final step is to switch the power on and test the newly installed solar panel system. After checking the system is working correctly, the solar panel installation process is finally completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Increased property value: A solar panel system can increase the value of commercial property. Many potential buyers and tenants are interested in properties that have a sustainable energy source, which can help to attract more interest and potentially increase the property’s overall value.
Tax incentives: The state of Florida and the federal government offer tax incentives for businesses that install solar panel systems. These incentives can significantly reduce the cost of installing the system and make it more financially viable for businesses.
Marketing advantages: Businesses that are committed to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices can use their solar panel system as a marketing tool. By promoting their use of renewable energy sources, businesses can attract customers who are interested in supporting environmentally-conscious companies.

The cost of solar panels in Orlando can vary depending on a number of factors. According to data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the average cost of a residential solar panel system in Florida is between $2.62 and $3.46 per watt. This means that a 5 kW system, for example, could cost anywhere from $13,100 to $17,300.
However, the actual cost of a solar panel system in Orlando can vary depending on several factors, including:
Size of the system: The size of the solar panel system will impact the overall cost, as larger systems will require more panels and equipment.
Type of panel: Different types of solar panels have different costs. High-efficiency panels, for example, may be more expensive than standard panels but could ultimately provide a higher return on investment.
Installation complexity: The cost of installation can vary depending on the complexity of the project. For example, if a property has a complicated roof structure, it may be more difficult and time-consuming to install the panels.

Yes, solar panels can generate enough energy to power an entire building or complex in Orlando, depending on the size of the solar panel system and the energy requirements of the building. With Orlando’s abundant sunshine, solar panels can produce a significant amount of electricity throughout the year, making them a viable source of energy for many buildings and complexes.
In fact, many commercial properties in Orlando have already installed solar panel systems that generate enough electricity to power their entire operations. Some businesses have even been able to generate excess electricity that can be sold back to utility companies, providing an additional source of revenue.

Our Vision

The future of solar is only beginning. Solar panels in Orlando will become even more important as we go forward: slashing bills, empowering lives, and building a better future for ourselves. So let’s all do our part in making the world a better place, not only for ourselves but also for our children.

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