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    Benefits of Choosing Aion Solar

    Local Expertise

    With years of experience in Orlando, we understand the unique solar needs of its residents.

    Quality Assurance

    Top-of-the-line equipment backed by comprehensive warranties.

    Affordable Financing

    Tailored solutions to fit every budget, making solar energy accessible for all.

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    Hassle-free and quick installations by certified professionals.

    Orlando's Solar Incentives Highlight

    🌞 Experience Solar Savings in the Sunshine State! 🌞
    Orlando, often termed “The City Beautiful,” isn’t just known for its vibrant attractions and pleasant climate. It’s also rapidly becoming a hotspot for solar energy adoption, thanks to a suite of enticing incentives. Here’s why going solar in Orlando is a brilliant idea:

    Florida's Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption

    What it is: Exemption from the state's sales tax for solar panel systems. Benefit for You: Instantly save 6% on your solar installation, as you won't be paying the state's sales tax.

    Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property

    What it is: Florida offers a property tax exemption for the added home value from solar installations. Benefit for You: Increase your property's value with a solar panel system without increasing your property tax.

    Net Metering

    What it is: A billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. Benefit for You: During sunny days, when your system produces excess electricity, it goes back to the grid, and you earn credits. This effectively reduces your monthly electricity bills, ensuring you get value even when you're not using electricity!
    With Orlando’s sunny disposition and Florida’s attractive solar incentives, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. Go green, save money, and be a part of Orlando’s brighter, sustainable future.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Florida's net metering policy allows you to send any excess electricity your solar panels produce back to the grid. In return, you receive credits on your utility bill. This means that the surplus isn't wasted during sunny days if your panels produce more power than you use. Instead, it reduces your future electricity bills, maximizing your solar investment.
    Yes, Orlando residents can benefit from various state and local solar incentives. Aside from the federal solar tax credit, Florida offers a sales tax exemption for solar energy systems and a property tax exemption, ensuring that the added value of a solar installation won't increase your property taxes.
    Orlando's climate is ideal for solar panels. With an average of over 230 sunny days a year, the city provides ample sunlight for efficient solar energy production. Plus, modern solar panels are designed to perform well even on cloudy days, ensuring consistent energy generation throughout the year.
    The exact payback period can vary based on the size of your system, your energy consumption, and the specific incentives you qualify for. However, given Orlando's sunny climate and available incentives, many homeowners recoup their investment in as little as 7-10 years, with significant savings after that.
    Absolutely. Solar panels are designed to meet rigorous industry standards, including the ability to withstand high wind loads. When properly installed, they can endure the conditions brought about by Florida's hurricanes. Additionally, many solar providers offer warranties and guarantees for added peace of mind.
    Standard solar panel systems are grid-tied, meaning they shut off during power outages to ensure the safety of utility workers fixing the grid. However, if you have a solar battery storage system, you can store excess energy and use it during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.