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It’s time to stop renting expensive electricity every month. Let us install a solar system on your home or business to generate clean energy and reap long-term financial benefits while helping protect the environment. Since Aion Solar Company is here, commercial and residential solar energy services are now readily available in your city of Lafayette, LA at a reasonable price. Installing a solar system is a brilliant investment that saves homeowners thousands of dollars in household electricity costs while increasing property value. It is also beneficial for the environment by lowering your carbon footprint and improving local air quality. So get in touch with us to find out more about solar system pricing and how you can save money by producing your own solar power.

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    Go Solar in New Orleans

    Excessive Energy Usage

    Electricity costs in New Orleans, LA, average $256 per month for consumers; that adds up to $3,072 yearly. That is 12 percent more expensive than the $2,738 average national electricity bill. The price of electricity in New Orleans is 14 cents per kilowatt-hour on average.

    By installing a solar system, you can lower your utility bill. Installing a solar energy system will, on average, pay for itself in 9.81 years in New Orleans. At that point, you might not owe any money on your electricity bills. So why not invest in a solar system for your home?

    Sunny New Orlean

    On average, New Orleans has 216 sunny days per year. With all that sunlight, it’s no surprise that the city ranks 14th in the country for solar energy capacity per capita and intends to continue pushing for solar uptake. New Orleans is expected to use 100 percent sustainable energy by 2040.

    That’s why installing a solar system in New Orleans is absolutely worthwhile. Solar company New Orleans will transform all that sunlight into power, electrifying your businesses and homes. So contact Solar New Orleans company immediately to see how you can help make New Orleans a 100 percent clean energy-generating city.

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    Solar Energy Over Other Energy Source

    The biggest benefit is that it is a renewable, clean energy source. Solar energy can also be scaled, which means it can be utilized on an industrial level or to power a single home. Excess power can be stored in a battery or supplied back into the power grid when used on a small scale. Generally, the sun produces significantly more energy than we will ever require. The only barrier is our capacity to convert it to power at a low cost. So contact Solar power New Orleans company to minimize your electricity bills.
    You can lower your electricity bill by reducing the cost of electricity, such as by installing a solar system. Installing a solar system will typically pay for itself in 11.83 years in Lafayette City. During that time, you will owe nothing on your electricity bills. So install a solar system now or pay thousands of dollars in years to come


    1. On-site Free Assessment

    A free site assessment will be performed by the Aion Solar team. The assessment involves a check of your past energy consumption as well as an assessment of potential solar system placements. We will calculate and discuss your needs to find the best size system for your property.

    2. Take a Seat and Unwind

    Once you've decided on the right system, you can sit back and rest because Aion Solar's NABCEP-accredited PV installation experts will handle the installation. Solar installers New Orleans team will also complete all required documentation.

    3. Your System is Now Operational

    When your system is fully operational, you will simply start saving money by creating your own electricity. Also, Aion Solar warranties all solar panels for 25 years, so you don't have to worry about any problem that may occur.


    Why Choose Aion Solar

    Solutions Based on Your Requirements

    At Aion Solar, we are laser-focused on our clients’ demands, not our own. We know how important the decision to go solar is, and we aim to provide world-class information and implementation at every step of the process.

    Clarity and Honesty

    Aion Solar is dedicated to maintaining our basic principles. What we do focuses, first and foremost, on our dedication to honesty and transparency. We prioritize our image over profit and are dedicated to assisting businesses and homeowners.

    Smart Financing

    Aion Solar understands that financing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We provide you with payment alternatives for your solar system and assist you in taking advantage of the best possible incentives.

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    Complimentary Consultation

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    Our professional installation crew guarantees that your new solar items are properly installed to meet the needs of your home.


    Once the installation is done, our activation team flicks the switch and gets your system up and running. At the same time, our monitoring crew takes over and ensures you get the output you expected, or we'll solve it.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Solar panels are built from silicon photovoltaic cells. When these cells are subjected to sunlight, they receive and transform solar energy into direct current power. This is referred to as the “photovoltaic effect.” The solar inverter then turns this direct current power into alternating current, which can be utilized to power your property.
    Aion Solar provides a 25-year warranty on the solar system. If an item fails to perform properly at any point during the warranty period, Aion Solar will replace it at no cost to the owner.
    Aion Solar checks each system’s efficiency with a cellular meter to ensure optimal operation. We can spot production concerns proactively and analyze data using an alarm system to guarantee your investment is working as it should.

    Solar panels are not suitable for every location. Some may lack appropriate roof space, while others may be improperly situated or encircled by trees that create excessive shade. When you want to install solar panels, Aion Solar’s pre-feasibility investigation assures you are not taking a risk.

    Our trained professionals will visit your property to determine how much sunlight it gets and how much money you could save by choosing this option. We will only begin the setup process after we are certain that your property can benefit from the solar system.